The Linux/APUS Doc'n'FAQ

Jesper Skov

This document contains frequently asked questions (and answers) about Linux/APUS (Linux for Amiga PowerUp Systems) as well as general documentation of the Linux/APUS port.

Table of Contents
1. First Stop
2. Introduction
Linux ports
Document Changes
3. Getting The Kernel
The Kernel Images
Included Hardware Drivers
Included Software Drivers
4. Installing
Files Required For Booting
Booting Linux/APUS
date991030 Booting via GUI
Linux/APUS Memory Restrictions
The First Step
Preparing Partitions
Installing a RedHat System
RedHat/PPC R5/1999 Installation
RedHat/PPC Installation
RedHat/Rough Cuts Installation
Installing a Debian System
Software With Known Problems
5. Applications
X and graphics cards
Custom XF86Config for CyberGfx users
X on PAL-lace or NTSC-lace screens
Exotic X problems :)
Compiling Applications
6. Working Hardware And Drivers
7. Known Problems
To Do - Kernel
To Do - The Linux/APUS Doc'n'FAQ
8. Reporting Problems/Getting Help
The Usenet News Group
The Linux/APUS Kernel List
The Linux/APUS FAQ Contribution Email Address
9. Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions
RedHat/PPC Related Questions
Debian Related Questions
10. History
11. People
Phase5 Appointed Developers
12. Links
Linux Links
Software Packages
Related CyberStorm/PPC and Amiga DOS Sites
13. SunSITE Denmark
Linux/APUS Mirror Sites
14. Developer Sections
The Kernel Diffs
Recompiling Your Own Kernel
Kernel Debugging
Interactive Debugging
Non-interactive Debugging