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This is a simple page, to get you simple answers. Its a placeholder before an advanced FAQ system is once again in place (which was nightmare of a loss!).

If you have a FAQ question/answer then please email to Alan Buxey who will be keeping this thing ticking over

  1. When I use bootstrap to load the kernel it fails with a message about 'compressed kernel image too large'

    Use the latest bootstrap, available here

  2. I want to use MOL (Mac On Linux) When will you support this?

    As far as we are aware, the LinuxAPUS kernel is okay. MOL itself needs to be altered to work with our APUS memory system. Feel free to email Alan Buxey if you want to join in with help on this (he's limited by his 603e which MOL doesnt work with right now)

  3. When I use XFree86 4.x I dont get the right keys!! Wheres my shift and Alt keys gone?

    You need to add the option

      Option   "CustomKeycodes"  
    to your XF86Config file (/etc/X11/XF86Config or /etc/X11/XF86Config-4)

    eg (for a Norwegian keyboard)

    Option "CustomKeyCodes"
    Option "XkbKeyCodes" "amiga"
    Option "XkbLayout" "no"
    (Thankyou: Glenn Hisdal)

  4. The kernel won't boot on my system. why?

    Without telepathy we don't know...please email the APUS userlist with your system config and what the bootstrap line your using is (AFTER checking this FAQ for any possible answer :-) )

  5. I've been asked to send a 'dmesg' output..whats this?

    If you add the following to your bootstrap line

     -d debug=mem
    then the kernel will output all of its interesting output to a place in memory. When you then reset your Amiga (softboot) you can collect this information with the program called 'dmesg' - available from the files section. eg
     dmesg > ram:output
    Now simply email that text file created.

  6. Is the CyberStormPPC UW-SCSI Controller supported?

    Yes. The driver is built into kernels 2.4.18 upwards. It is still very much in testing..so please give it a good testing and report any issues!

    (Thanks: Rene Brothuhn, Fred Heitkamp)

  7. Why isn't the GVP IOExtender supported in 2.4.x?

    The driver needs to be updated to use the new Serial and parallel methods

  8. Why isn't the Hypercom1/IOBlix1200 (clockport serial for A1200) supported in 2.4.x?

    Like the GVP-IO/Extender, the driver needs to be updated to support the new serial methods

  9. I get "Warning: unable to open an initial console" on the last line of my dmesg output...APUS doesnt do anything :-(

    Try appending console=tty0 to the end of your bootstrap line

  10. When will APUS support the Mediator PCI cards??

    A couple of APUS and 68k Linux developers now have Elbox developer status. The 68k work is more advanced and PCI display is working.

  11. Is this project still alive? Whats the progress??

    2.4.21 kernel is in the CVS. Developers are working on ironing out a few issues with the PCI subsystem, APNE (PCMCIA Network), IDE and DMA sound. Once done, new kernel binaries will be out to test!

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